Getting into CRNA school is anything but easy. In fact, it's more competitive than ever. 

But that's where we come in. 

Whether you're in nursing school, a freshly graduated RN, or a seasoned nurse, we've got resources to help you become a competitive applicant with a streamlined, clear plan of action. 

Our programs are designed to clarify a confusing and frankly overwhelming AF  process, and give you time saving tools to make it a heck of a lot easier. 

guide and streamline your crna school application process

it's our goal at the crna club to: 

Being a CRNA is pretty freakin' awesome. Stuck on the struggle bus, trying to get in? Not so awesome. But that's where we come in. 

Here at The CRNA Club we create *actually* helpful tools and resources for every step for your CRNA school application journey. 

an online digital course + toolkit

A self - paced digital course that walks you through the *entire* planning and applying process. From picking schools, to determining which courses to retake, to putting together a stand out resume + essay. With hours of bite-sized videos and done-for-you resources designed to help you fast forward to pressing "submit". 

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PLanning + Applying Accelerator

for the applicant in the planning + applying stage


Look no further for a streamlined, organized interview prep study kit. Bite-sized pharmacology + pathophysiology video lessons plus worksheets and study tools like our Interview On Demand software. Plus, pharmacology + EQ lectures by faculty member Professor Temmermand! 

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Interviewing Accelerator

for the applicant in the interview prep stage

new grad resources + roadmap

For the nursing student or newly graduated RN who is looking for guidance on finding the best new grad ICU job, and is aiming to prepare for CRNA school early. Learn exactly what you should be focusing on now, and how to best set yourself up for streamlined success. 

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Nursing Student Accelerator


The journey to getting into CRNA school is *rough*. That's why we created OFFICE HOURS. Because we know that support is what really moves the needle for our students. 

OFFICE HOURS are for the applicant who has questions that need answering, values community, support and access to guest speakers. 

Each month we'll hold several live calls (usually at least 2  a month), where you can bring your assets like your CV, essay question prompts, or simply just a list of questions. We'll have public speaking practice labs, group mock interviews and essay workshopping sessions. You'll also get access to the replays of previous calls and practice labs (like group mock interview replays).

live call membership: You bring the questions, we'll bring the answers. 

monthly office hours

ADD-ON SUpport, group calls, community

  • General Office Hours 
  • Essay Workshopping Office Hours
  • Resume/CV Office Hours

  • Communications/Public Speaking Practice Labs
  • Group Mock Interview Practice Labs
  • Bonus Guest Speakers

Example monthly call types: